Wassily Kandinsky. On White II, 1923

On White II


Geometric abstraction

Oil on canvas

41.3 × 38.6" (105.0 × 98.0 cm)

Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou

243 views in February

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#5. Shafeeya, Sri Lanka

16 December
it is like everything about universe, earth like. four direction, the water, air pyramids the moon.

#4. mr taco, pyroland

07 August
can anyone tell me how people reacted to the painting when it was first showed in public?


#3. Nick Price, Perth

10 November
I like how the painting captivates my attention through the use of 2 different colours, White and black. These colours attract my attention and interest me.


#2. Noah, Rensselaer, New York

06 November
It looks like a windmill to me. Anyone else see that?

#1. Mike, London

09 July
It looks like an explosion to me. Movement outward from the centre , accentuated by the use of reds and yellows on the outer edges and earthy colours in the middle. Discovered this artist online today, pretty cool how abstract arts can draw creativity from the mind of the viewer.

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