Wassily Kandinsky. Several Circles. 1926 year
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Several Circles


Oil on canvas

55.1 × 55.1" (140.0 × 140.0 cm)

New York, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

“The circle which I have used so often recently cannot be called otherwise than romantic. And today’s romanticism is by far more profound, beautiful, substantive and benign, it is a block of ice with fire burning inside. And if people can only feel the cold without feeling the fire – so much the worse for them…” Kandinsky

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#38. coolboy68, paris

09 March

#37. Nina, Sydney

02 January
This piece simultaneously makes me think of cell reproduction, eyes and a cosmic scene. The layered black creates a depth that I could fall into in a daydream...


#36. Person, Place

11 December
Yeah I'm doing a presentation for this too for my art class.

#35. Not your mum, the Badlands

09 December
really cool piece! doing homework on this :)

#34. jess,

10 November
cool beans

#33. tilda, twickenham

02 November
I used this painting as my wassily kandinsky homework and it made me realise that if you look more closley at the world its all different to what you think it is... : )

#32. indezyn, Chicago

17 September
One of his purest and best!

#31. Jacob, Over there.

03 August
I think this painting is awesome, and all the ways you can see it, solar system eclipse landscape. really inspirational if you take the time.

#30. Daniel E.,

25 May
tbh i can make something like this but its nice

#29. bob, your mum

29 April
this is worse than my toddler can do


#28. Me,

10 December
This is 1 of my favs

#27. Leeerooy, The Moon

14 November
The big one looks like an eye... The rest look like planets.

#26. vanne.pedagogiccenter, facebook

24 March
Kandinsky..deep Lovee

#25. vanne.pedagogiccenter, Planet Earth

24 March
I met this pcture when I watched \"six degrees oh Separation\" I\'ll never let.
Kandinsky..deep Lovee

#24. Vanne, Brazil

24 March
I met this pcture when I watched "Six degrees of Separation" and I'll never let
Kadinsly deep love


#23. Liam, Australia

14 November
What inspired him for this?

#22. Bob, planet BOB

06 November
my home is the top right one

#21. bob, pasific ocean

04 November
da solar system

#20. islipgeekgirl, Planet Earth

20 July
I LOVE this painting! Kadinsky was a man before his time. What beauty from 1926!

#19. Camila, Argentina

24 April
No se que quiiso decir con esta pintura !

#18. Fifi, Nottingham

13 March
This is a great piece of artwork, I love how they glow almost, it looks far too futuristic for saying when it was done. Have to do an analysis of this for tomorrow :D


#17. hapz,

26 September
wierd but cool

#16. Livin.Life, Michigan

04 June
I had to use this painting for art class, i painted it on a canvis and it looks amazing! It is now on my bedroom wall and it just inspires me. I love this!!(:

#15. Alyssa,

02 May
Amazing, kind of reminds me of the solar system!

#14. Blair, Malibu

12 April
modern, abstract art at its very finest

#13. len, 19 gerlan

27 February
gana sw

#12. Davy,

05 January
yes... this is awesome


#11. Liz, S. Yorks UK

27 December
Several spirits, much like an enso. all beautiful and shining forever

#10. Lucy, Newcatle

14 November
This piece is very inspiring to me, i love the colours!

#9. robert, newcastle

14 November
this is wicked!

#8. lydia , devon

26 April
not a sick painting at all

#7. lydia, england

26 April
i love this painting its so modern and simple the circle in the middle looks like a moon and it had light shinning around it which makes its look like an eclipse i adore this painting the simple beauty you can create with just circles is amazing.

#6. Joshua Garcia, california

12 April
santiago student form california here! ha i gotta do this for mrs loves class:p sick painting though.

#5. hasti ,

03 April
light moonnnnnnnnn

#4. zan, spotx

14 March
i have to do this pic 4 a class thing and i think its awesome!!!

#3. grace,

03 March
theres something about this that makes me all happy inside whenever i see it..


#2. Izzy,

12 December
mad awesome =]

#1. Izzy,

12 December

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