Sky Blue (1940)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Sky Blue


Biomorphic abstraction

Oil on canvas

39.4 × 28.7" (100.0 × 73.0 cm)

Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou


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“The graphically austere image creation in his paintings gave way to baroque plenitude motifs that looked as if they had already lost any connection with the structure which had been underlying the surface for a long time being known to no one else but the artist, and it was only due to a creative act that it became visible to others… Weird figures emerged which you long to call creatures. The artist did not do anything to mitigate the fanciful and grotesque effect. Just the other way, the more absurd figures in the paintings, the more obvious is his determination to elaborate them to the very finest detail; the more sophisticated the shapes, the brighter the colors. Figures that had never been seen before but are still somehow familiar appear in two different configurations: it is either a composition closed in itself, or a disorderly heap of most discrepant shapes, scattered all over the canvas. The implementation is however so clear that there can be no incidental feature: a combination of precision and imagination!” Michel Conil Lacoste

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Kate, NY

08 February 2017
My daughter found an almost exact copy of "Sky Blue" in a thrift shop in NYC woven into a tapestry. It is hand made and expertly done. Wish I could find out more information about it's value?

nognol, norway

12 May 2016
I think that this painting could have been created to make the viewer become transported into a dream-like place due to thinking that the creatures could be alive. Kandinsky wants this so that you can look further into the painting, and start to believe that the creatures exist. I think that it may look quite boring when you first look but when you start to look in finer detail, you can see much more of Kandinsky's hidden skills.

ching chong ling ming sing chang, Japan

11 April 2016

Me, Somewhere in the world

14 November 2015
I quite like this painting because i have never seen something like it before and it is beyond anything i have seen before :)

Laura, UK

12 July 2015
this is my favorite of W.K\\\'s paintings.
It reminds me of a childhood dream, that curious sky filled with strange, colourful creatures that defy description.
I could look at it all day, and find something new each time, a new idea of emotion arises each has a real,deep sense of magic for me.

someone, my house

01 December 2014

Rose, Texas

24 May 2014
This paint is unique. The objects look like water animals but yet they are in the sky. In a way the painting seems dark and painful as if the artist was going through a hard time of their life.

liam venables, haslemer

30 March 2014
it is very boring

Pat Cow, Highfeilds Farm, Cornwall

24 October 2011
it is a moving picture

Moo, New York

16 May 2011
This is a interesting picture and website.....but i like it....cuz its warm....and soft...

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