How Kandinsky is Drawn


Sophie Shapiro
This British woman artist worked with Vera Diamond, a psychotherapist, BAS member and leading specialist in creative rehabilitation techniques in England. In LNH they explored the methods of self-healing with help of creativity.

Jacques Moitoret
Jacques is a unique provocative painter working in the style of realistic psychological portrait. Claiming that the main subject of art is human appearance he artistically conveys the most subtle aspects of personality using a technique named “smooth as silk”. The painter was born in 1947 in the USA, studied painting in University of Washington and Acad?mie des arts d'Avignon.

Jina Wallwork
Jina is a painter famous enough and her paintings are exhibited in galleries around the world. She has Bachelor’s degree of Staffordshire University in the field of visual arts.

Etienne Cail
Etienne Cail is a painter from Lion, born in 1991 and who found his style before his twenties. In 2011 he went to China where impressed the art community with his powerful and simultaneously subtle portraits of Mao.

Sebastian Kruger
Sebastian Kruger was born in 1963 in Germany. After studying art at one of German universities he achieved success as illustrator and designer. Then he decided to go in for sole art and started to work with portraits of cinema and music celebrities owing to which he got a nickname “celebrity caricaturist.” Within the last years he has worked in “new pop realism” style.

Oldrich Kulhanek
Oldrich Kulhanek is a world-known painter mainly working in graphics, engraving and picture. His creative career started in 1960-s and the painter was recognized almost immediately. His paintings are exhibited in leading world galleries.

Lanskiy Valeriy Petrovich
Self-taught Russian painter. Lives in M?nchen.

On a final note – a portrait of Kandinsky painted by a painter with nickname “The Modern Era.” Besides, the portrait was disseminated on everything possible: shirts, cups, phone covers, bags and even pillows. It is available on the internet-shop Society6 for everyone.

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