Saint Petersburg, The Russian Museum

The State Russian Museum founded under the Imperial Decree of 1895 currently holds the world’s largest collection of the Russian Art — more than 400 thousand works displayed in five historic buildings of St. Petersburg. The Russian Museum collection includes 11 paintings by Kandinsky. They are two Murnau landscapes dated 1909, several semi-abstract works of his transitional period, and dynamic expressive canvases inspired by the events in Russia dated 1917-1920.
The majority of these paintings were received by the Russian Museum in the 1920s from various state museums and institutions.


Kandinsky's artworks in this collection

Wassily Kandinsky. Summer Landscape, 1909
Summer Landscape, 1909
Wassily Kandinsky. Murnau - Summer Landscape, 1909
Murnau - Summer Landscape, 1909
Wassily Kandinsky. Improvisation 11, 1910
Improvisation 11, 1910
Wassily Kandinsky. Saint George, 1911
Saint George, 1911
Wassily Kandinsky. Black Spot, 1912
Black Spot, 1912
Wassily Kandinsky. Blue Crest, 1917
Blue Crest, 1917
Wassily Kandinsky. Dusk, 1917
Dusk, 1917
Wassily Kandinsky. Amazon in Mountains, 1918
Amazon in Mountains, 1918
Wassily Kandinsky. Composition #218 (Two Ovals), 1919
Composition #218 (Two Ovals), 1919
Wassily Kandinsky. Composition #223 (picture with tops), 1919
Composition #223 (picture with tops), 1919
Wassily Kandinsky. Composition #224 (On white), 1920
Composition #224 (On white), 1920

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