Amsterdam. Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk or "City Museum" was founded in Amsterdam in 1895 as a museum of the city’s history. The museum building was built in the neo-Renaissance style. There were exhibited furniture, coins, jewelry, weapons and everyday objects and interiors of old Amsterdam houses there. In 1920-1940s some of the museum was transferred to the other museum institutions. The collection of modern Dutch and French art was created at the same time. Since 1930 the museum has an extensive collection of works Vincent van Gogh, who moved to its own building nearby in 1972. Only at the beginning of the 1970s the museum left the last items of historical living conditions and it began to speak in a new way - as the first museum of the Modern Art in Amsterdam.

Stedelijk has a rich collection. In particular there is stored a unique collection of 29 paintings by Kazimir Malevich. There are perfectly presented all practically known areas of the modern art: Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet,Pierre Renoir, Paul Cezanne, Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Piet Mondrian. It is only a small part of the impressive list of names from Stedelijk.

Kandinsky's artworks in this collection

Wassily Kandinsky. The Bridge, 1902
The Bridge, 1902
Wassily Kandinsky. Archer, 1908
Archer, 1908
Wassily Kandinsky. Painting with Houses, 1909
Painting with Houses, 1909
Wassily Kandinsky. Watercolour No. 6, 1911
Watercolour No. 6, 1911
Wassily Kandinsky. Watercolour No. 2, 1911
Watercolour No. 2, 1911
Wassily Kandinsky. Improvisation 33 (Orient 1), 1913
Improvisation 33 (Orient 1), 1913
Wassily Kandinsky. Study for LAD (Harmony), 1917
Study for LAD (Harmony), 1917