Koln, Museum Ludwig

The museum in the heart of Cologne is named after Peter Ludwig, a major representative of the post-war Germany confectionery business, and a devoted collector of paintings. In 1976 he and his wife donated to the city of Cologne 350 works of contemporary art, including painting by surrealists, expressionists, pop art, Picasso, and Russian avant-garde. The donation significantly enriched the available collection and became the core of the museum. In later years, more cities such as Vienna, Budapest, Beijing, St. Petersburg and some others were fortunate enough to receive invaluable masterpieces from the Ludwigs’ collection. Branches of the Museum Ludwig were opened throughout the world, whereby the name of the German confectionery magnate became part of the world history.


Kandinsky's artworks in this collection

Wassily Kandinsky. White line, 1920
White line, 1920
Wassily Kandinsky. Quiet Pink, 1924
Quiet Pink, 1924