Jazz trio "The Kandinsky Effect"

The Kandinsky Effect is a jazz trio which was born on a cosmopolitan jazz stage in Paris, grew stronger on American roads and saturated with electric music of the 21st century. The group settled down in Paris and New York and made its debut with a breathtaking album “Synesthesia” full of vibrating depth, exquisite electric textures, twisted metric shifts and distinct empathy.
The Kandinsky Effect group consists of Warren Walker (saxophone and electro), Gael Petrina (bass guitar and electro) and Caleb Dolister (drums and a laptop). Together they are greedily researching the sound universe and looking for new paths lying somewhere close to jazz, rock, electric music and hip-hop.

“Synesthesia” is a creative and rare example of egalitarian mixture of acoustic and electric sounding. The Kandinsky Effect manages this complex combination rather confidently, creating music that stimulates both brains and legs”. Allaboutjazz.com

“Powerful, dynamic and masterful “Synesthesia” is an astounding and eclectic sound stream, which contains no traits of pretentiousness, but is full of creativity, individuality and expression beyond comprehension instead. This ambitious album will surely be to Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada fans’ liking”. «Igloo»

“A young Parisian trio with an American saxophonist Warren Walker cheerfully heads for contemporary jazz and improvisation”. LA Times

Website: thekandinskyeffect.com

Idea & animation: Manu Meyre
Design: Vassily Kandinsky, Composition VIII (1923)
Music: The Kandinsky Effect, Girl/Boy Song (edit)

UPDATE: released new album “Somnambulist.”