Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Graphic works. Cover design for The Blue Rider Almanac. 1911 year

Cover design for The Blue Rider Almanac


Watercolor and Indian ink and pencil on paper

11 × 8.6" (27.9 × 21.9 cm)

Munich, Germany. Lenbachhaus Gallery

More works from 1911

Title page design for The Blaue Reiter Almanac, 1911 - 1912 A Riding Amazon, 1911 Composition IV, 1911 Romantic landscape, 1911 Improvisation 21a, 1911

More works from Munich, Germany. Lenbachhaus Gallery

Cemetery And Vicarage In Kochel, 1911 Munich-Schwabing With The Church Of St. Ursula, 1911 The Singer, 1911 Couple Riding, 1911 Beach Baskets In Holland, 1911

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