Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Painting. Yellow-Red-Blue. 1925 year



Oil on canvas

50 × 78.7" (127.0 × 200.0 cm)

Paris, Musee National Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou

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Comments & impressions


#18. wi-fi, bluetooth

27 September
cool all right

#17. Thabi, South Africa

31 August
you guys are all awesome, I've just had a good laugh. To all those who think like Taco and Gyanendra, you just need to understand that this is basically art, thats why it's call abstract art, its not there for you to understand. It is sound. You can interpret it in yo own way, just know that Kandinsky was apparently listening to music when he did this masterpiece.

#16. Wassily Kandinsky, Heaven

05 May
It is a rabbit and a cat upside-down, and the correct way up it is a person on the left side of the picture.


#15. bob, heaven

14 October
i need to do reasearch for this can anyone help?

#14. taha {iran}, tehran

13 July
i have its 1000 pieces puzzle,I love it!!!
kandinsky has using this Chessboards in others paintings!
Anyway i think there are a cat & a clown(not rabbit!!!),when look at it upside down


#13. Edie Mc-Creedy, happy land

02 October
i think that this painting means that ........ everyone should go home on a tuesday and buy lots of kittens before talking without moving their eyebrows, yes i said it eyebrows!!!

#12. douglas mcdougal, woustershire

02 October
i find this so amazin that i die

#11. Delores Williams, USA

14 September
I have this picture on canvas just need to know how to find out if it is an original plz anyone!!!!!

#10. marisol, passaic,nj

15 August
love this print, people always comment on it some of them want to buy it from me

#9. emma,

23 May
look at it upside down. its a rabbit and a cat. i only noticed cos i had it in storage. i ask friends all the time what they see. always get rabbit and cat.

#8. Gyanendra, New Delhi

21 April
What is the meaning on this Picture? Can any one tell me?

#7. small, midgert

08 February
lol taco you are funny

#6. taco, everywhere

08 February
this is dumb


#5. question, uk

20 November
does anyone know what muesuem this piece is in

#4. wawa3, united kingdom

08 November
we did this in school ha ha funny lol but love the picture tho verry moving and exciting

#3. Pat Cow, Highfeilds Farm, Cornwall

24 October
A very moving picture i just love it. every time i look at it i can make up a different story from it


#2. nc, appleton wi

15 November
I have several Kandinsky prints in my living room and have collected him for years. People are always impressed.

#1. Brooke, Cape Coral, FL

18 July
I have this print in my living-room. I love it!

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