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"The Yellow Sound", 1909
"Pictures at an Exhibition", 1928

"The Phalanx"
"The Jack of Diamonds"
"The Blue Rider"

Gabrielle Munter
Nina Kandinskaya


Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Церковь в Мурнау. 1925 year
Murnau with a Church, 1910

Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Painting. Yellow-Red-Blue. 1925 year

"Yellow-Red-Blue". 1925 year

Oil on canvas

127х200 sm

Paris, Musee National Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou

Comments & impressions:


#1. Brooke, Cape Coral, FL
I have this print in my living-room. I love it!
18 July

#2. nc, appleton wi
I have several Kandinsky prints in my living room and have collected him for years. People are always impressed.
15 November


#3. Pat Cow, Highfeilds Farm, Cornwall
A very moving picture i just love it. every time i look at it i can make up a different story from it
24 October

#4. wawa3, united kingdom
we did this in school ha ha funny lol but love the picture tho verry moving and exciting
08 November

#5. question, uk
does anyone know what muesuem this piece is in
20 November


#6. taco, everywhere
this is dumb
08 February

#7. small, midgert
lol taco you are funny
08 February

#8. Gyanendra, New Delhi
What is the meaning on this Picture? Can any one tell me?
21 April

#9. emma,
look at it upside down. its a rabbit and a cat. i only noticed cos i had it in storage. i ask friends all the time what they see. always get rabbit and cat.
23 May

#10. marisol, passaic,nj
love this print, people always comment on it some of them want to buy it from me
15 August

#11. Delores Williams, USA
I have this picture on canvas just need to know how to find out if it is an original plz anyone!!!!!
14 September

#12. douglas mcdougal, woustershire
i find this so amazin that i die
02 October

#13. Edie Mc-Creedy, happy land
i think that this painting means that ........ everyone should go home on a tuesday and buy lots of kittens before talking without moving their eyebrows, yes i said it eyebrows!!!
02 October


#14. taha {iran}, tehran
i have its 1000 pieces puzzle,I love it!!!
kandinsky has using this Chessboards in others paintings!
Anyway i think there are a cat & a clown(not rabbit!!!),when look at it upside down
13 July

#15. bob, heaven
i need to do reasearch for this can anyone help?
14 October

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