Wassily Kandinsky. Black and Violet. 1923 year

Black and Violet


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Comments & impressions


#7. Maria,

24 October
I'm doing a work about this painting.
Can someone help me with the critical opinion about black and violet of Wassily Kandinsky?
I need help! PLEASE!!

#6. Joe Dixon, Horsham, England

05 June
This painting is brilliant, he seems to have found a way to combine vibrant colours with dull ones and still look good


#5. letiha, orbost

07 May
what is this paintings medium??

#4. kevin, india

25 March
can some one please tell me about this black and white painting like the concepts..?..thank u


#3. louise, chichester

13 December
i agree victor. you are so smart and brilliant. marry me

#2. victor, oldham

13 December
like it. looks like a gladiator being stabbed in the eye by a dart thrown by a brown horse


#1. tati, sydney

19 June
hello, someone can tell me the critcal opinion about black and violet of Wassily Kandinsky??? please

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