Wassily Kandinsky. Swinging, 1925



Geometric abstraction

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#13. Tanya, London

03 March
man in his bedroom stroking a cat surrounded by his possessions


#12. Annabelle , Croydon

16 December
i believe the message of this piece is to feel the music Kandinsky would have listened to while making it and what he wanted to portray will automatically come to you as it comes to others.

#11. doesn't matter, either

21 June
Why would you try to understand it? Do you try to understand music?

#10. Karim, Bordeaux, France

02 June
The Universe Is A Paradox

The universe we live in
Is a paradox, everybody knows that.
It is an eclipsed sun, or a galaxy sinking,
It is a dead man whose mind had enough of his body.

The way our world works
Is a mystery, it is common to everyone.
But is it ascending? or descending? It hesitates
And struggles to move on to a bright future.

A thread of pure darkness,
But full of life, it is apparent to the naked eye.
There is such a complication in this beam of Universe
That even the vivid light gave up inside.

The dimension that makes us exist
Is so wide, nobody ignores that.
Though there are massive gears in that machinery, even
The smallest thing matters, just as the piece that makes it all happen.

The mechanism of life we try to see
Does not make sense, anyone would tell you this.
But what is sense to a cathedral full of treasures, and incandescent
Drops of fire rain? Maybe it is just not the sense we all know.

#9. Renee,

10 March
i think it was inspired by music which was Kandinsky's main influence in his works.

#8. Kent, Philippines

05 March
For how I understood it, it is a crime scene, a stabbing incident to be specific. Judging from the title and the pointed curves on the right side of the painting, which suggests movement of the what now is a horizontal rectangle perpendicular to another, suggesting the 'swinging' of the arm. Second is how two triangles seem to puncture through the green stair like figure. Notice how the red blots on its point and how the red spreads through the background as if it is the floor. Red is the color of life or death as it is the color of blood which either flows in or out of our bodies.


#7. The art critic, Media, WA, USA

16 December
I do not understand it, but i like the color combination and how everything mixed but didn't. I also felt like everything mixed well but some things appeared to be accidents.


#6. john, uk

26 November
It seems to be a clear picture of a clown like man kissing a little green puppy dog. Once I saw that I can see nothing else. I have this print hanging in my kitchen!

#5. niveen, egypt

13 November
I bought a print of this paining from Tate modern @london, Actually I love watching it though i still cant understand it, it just make me feel joy

#4. matthew bailey, mid missouri

06 May
ned slob... you obviously have zero knowledge in the world of abstraction and lyrical abstraction. though i am new to the subject of lyrical abstraction i can tell you that a theme in this cornerstone of the abstract genre is movement. one other theme along with color and space is rhythm and melody. How does one feel when they hear a symphony or a jazz band play a song or movement? so another theme could definitely be mood or feeling.

#3. ayo, swiss

16 January
Movement is the theme.


#2. Ned Slob, North Korea

16 November
This art work is a piece of c**p but it is kinda good

#1. hannah,

19 September
what is the theme of this piece of art?

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