Wassily Kandinsky. Heavy Circles, 1927

Heavy Circles


Oil on canvas

22.5 × 20.5" (57.2 × 52.1 cm)

Pasadena, California, USA. Norton Simon Museum

77 views in February

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#4. Andre Cornut, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

16 December
I view this work as Mankind's place in and view of the Universe.

The shadows of the 2 figures in the image from the glass covering are just reflections but I might say that the add to my interpretation of this work.

One figure is viewing the Universe while the other is surrounded by the Universe. : )

#3. Moira, Pasadena, CA

03 November
I have in fact visited the Norton Simon to view this piece, and the man in the corner is most likely a reflection on the frame, as there is no shadow man present.


#2. Derrick Anderson, Dallas, Tx

15 October
Beautiful and complete

#1. Derrick Anderson, Dallas, Tx

15 October
I have never seen this painting in person.. is the image of a man standing in the upper left quadrant part of the painting or is it a bleed in from a piece covered bythe artist started or is it an overlay of some type from the frames taken of this piece? This piece seems to be free and contolled this image is not somthing I would expect to see from an artist who is concentrating on forms that have allowed him to escape into out into another universe

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