A new Kandinsky's lot at Sotheby's for 3,000,000-5,000,000 GBP (UPD: sold for 5,3000,000 GBP)

On June 19, 2018, in London, the next Evening Sale held by Sotheby's auction house will take place. 36 lots are to be presented there, whereof sixteen have more than 1 mln pounds estimates. The most expensive lot is, of course, Picasso: a portrait of his muse Maria Theresa Walter is estimated by...

Abstract chair

Woong Ki Ryu, a student from North Korea, has created a chair of a very unusual shape inspired by Kandinsky’s geometrical abstractions. A round wooden bottom supported by three wooden legs of different shapes is designed in the form of a cup. Elements of the chair back are represented with...

Kandinsky -> Cage

On the 11th of November, a large exhibition was opened in Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy. It’s a journey between the arts and music – from Wassily Kandinsky’s spiritual abstracts to John Cage’s enlightened silence. Why “Kandinsky -> Cage”? Cage, the American composer, poet, and...


The show, entitled KANDINSKIJ, KNIGHT ERRANT. THE JOURNEY TOWARDS ABSTRACTION on display until July 9th at Milan’s MUDEC features 49 works up to 1921. Plus icons, popular prints, and other examples of Russian popular culture that inspired Kandinsky. A post shared by SoloStampa...

Bagatelles of Wassily Kandinsky

On the 20th of December The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts will open a compelling exhibition dedicated, once again, to 150th anniversary of the artist. This exhibition will include small watercolours, drawings, and glass pictures created in 1915-1920 by the artist returned to his native land. In...

"Kandinksy, Marc & Der Blaue Reiter at Fondation Beyeler" on Instagram

Kandinksy, Marc & Der Blaue Reiter at Fondation Beyeler September 4, 2016 – January 22, 2017 A photo posted by Fondation Beyeler (@fondationbeyeler) on Sep 5, 2016 at 8:01am PDT A photo posted by Fondation Beyeler (@fondationbeyeler) on Oct 28, 2016 at 8:46am...

"Wassily Kandinsky and Russia" on Instagram

The State Russian Museum St.Petersburg, Russia 22 september—4 december 2016 A photo posted by Nadezhda Kulagina (@nadindindon) on Sep 24, 2016 at 10:19am PDT A photo posted by Ксения (@i_ksenny) on Sep 26, 2016 at 9:35am PDT A photo posted by...

Les ann?es parisiennes (1933-1944) / The Parisian Years (1933-1944) - Museum of Grenoble

From 29th October to 29th January, visitors of the Museum of Grenoble, a small town in the south-east of France, will see Kandinsky’s paintings from his last creative period of 1933-1944. Remarkably the exhibition is held with the assistance of the Centre Georges Pompidou, which is famous for...

“Counterpoint: “Composition VI” and “Composition VII” (Moscow, Russia)

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Kandinsky celebrated this year, the Tretyakov Gallery will exhibit two emblematic works of the artist: “Composition VI” and “Composition VII”. The first will be brought from the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, the second is a part of the...

Kandinsky Gallery Exhibition in the Guggenheim Museum Will End on April, 3

July 1, 2015 – April 3, 2016 The exhibition represents selected works by Kandinsky from Guggenheim’s collection, which allow for tracing the artist's aesthetic development: the early Munich works of the beginning of the century, his return to Russia after the start of the First World War,...

Exhibition “From Kandinsky to Pollock” in Florence

Palazzo Strozzi in Florence presents the exhibition “From Kandinsky to Pollock. The Art of the Guggenheim Collections” which is to take place from March 19 to July 24. More than 100 masterpieces created on both sides of the Atlantics between 1920 and 1960 will be exhibited. Max Ernst, Pablo...


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