House of M?nter in Murnau


House of M?nter in Murnau

In this house of 1908 construction which is also called “Russian House”, Gabriele M?nter and Wasily Kandinsky spent summer months from August 1909 when Gabriele bought this house until 1914 when the First World War made the Russian painter go back to homeland. Here the ideas of Kandinsky were born which became the basis for unification of “Blue Rider” and cognominal almanac. This house served as permanent place for meetings of avant-gardists of that time: Franz Marc, Alexei Jawlensky, Marianne Verevkina, August Macke, Paul Klee, Arnold Schoenberg often visited this place.

After 1914 M?nter lived here alone, and since 1913 – with her husband, fine art expert and philosopher Johannes Eichner. In the cellar of that house she kept early paintings of Kandinsky to save it from Nazi. On February 19, 1957 in the honor of her own 80-year anniversary she presented all works to a museum Lenbachhaus in M?nchen. They constitute the main collection and nowadays are the most important part of museum’s exposition.

Charming views of nearby landscapes one may observe from the windows of the house, especially a church and castle in the mountains, well-known plots of Kandinsky’s paintings. After major repair in 1998-99 the House of M?nter was open for publicity. It was restored in its primary condition, the furniture ornamented by Kandinsky himself was preserved, the walls decorated with small paintings and engravings of both artists. It was the woman artist’s will to make the house a memory place of herself and her Kandinsky.

Kottmullerallee 6
82418 Murnau

0 88 41/62 88 80

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