Deepened Impulse (1928)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Deepened Impulse


Oil on canvas

29.9 × 39.4" (76.0 × 100.0 cm)

Private collection

Here, the circles so often encountered in Kandinsky’s works fill the entire space of the canvas like heavenly bodies. And in fact, according to Jelena Hahl Koch, the famous researcher of the artist’s oeuvre, on clear nights, Kandinsky and M?nter would often invite an astronomer friend to visit, who would use his telescope to reveal the secrets of the celestial world to them.

5 February 2015 sold for $6.41 million on Sotheby's, New York

26 February 2019 sold for 6,09 mln GBPon Sotheby's, London

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