Isolated Objects (1934)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Isolated Objects


Watercolor on paper

20.1 × 15" (51.0 × 38.0 cm)

Philadelphia. Philadelphia Museum of Art

In April 1933, after the Nazi Party came into power, the Bauhaus school was closed. The pressure on avant-gardists in Germany was getting stronger and stronger, and in 1934 Wassily and Nina move to Paris. This painting is one of the first after the move and it is referred to the so-called “biomorphic abstractions” that replaced the strict geometric outlines of his German creative period. In this case, a certain role was played by scientific discoveries in biology. Really, Kandinsky started experimenting with new forms while he was still in Germany. However, the creative peak of the biomorphic period fell on his years in Paris, because of that it is also called “the Paris period”.

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