Last Watercolour (1944)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Last Watercolour


Biomorphic abstraction

Watercolor on paper

10.2 × 13.8" (26.0 × 35.0 cm)

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01 July 2020
Carly: I see DNA strands and mushrooms - I just found this artist minutes ago and I am in awe of his talent! His art is VERY activating!
10 November 2019
Tracey: This is amazing. My father just picked up a framed water color dated June 1944 in this same style. I don't know if it is from this artist or a student. But this is a beautiful style of art.
05 July 2018
Kim: Wow; Kandinsky is one of my favorite artists; he turned me on to Abstract, which is appropriate since he was the father of Abstract art. The socialists of Russia drove him out of his own country, then the socialists of Germany shut him down and called his work "degenerate". He ended up in Paris, and toward the end, used inferior materials to continue his work (shortages during the war).
10 May 2017
PLEASE ANSWER: Was this his last painting please answer me and if it wasn't can someone tell me which one his last painting was.
05 October 2015
Natalia from UK: Really love the previous commenter's comment about how this painting makes them cry. It really does seem so sweetly forlorn and lovely. Very much looking forward to hopefully seeing some of Kandinsky's work when I visit in Munich this fall.
21 August 2015
Buzz: This painting always makes me cry because I see an old and tired man, a master of his craft, living in France... playfully showing his final performance... a few dancing lines... some intensely detailed mushrooms... His watercolor was always his strongest medium, showing off his genius...

and then...

Good bye.
16 December 2014
Fanshu:D from Hong Kong: I am a layman of painting. Just leaving a message here to see when I look at it again in the future, how differently I would perceive the message of the painting.
17 June 2013
Batman from Gotham: The Batman can't die. He feeds on evil like yours.
12 November 2012
Dont want to tell from you my name: Because he is an artist and artists paint
19 October 2011
emily needham from tallington: hi everyone this is the most amazing photo EVER!!!!!
06 October 2011
The Joker: Why did he paint this

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