The Ludwigskirche in Munich (1908)  by Wassily Kandinsky

The Ludwigskirche in Munich



Oil on cardboard

26.5 × 37.8" (67.3 × 96.0 cm)

Madrid, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

In this picture, Kadinsky experimented with divisionism, invented by Sere back in 1884. The artist had already tried this technique earlier, in the paintings based on Russian fairy tales Couple Riding, 1906 and Colorful Life, 1907 The essential difference of his works from the work of classical divisionists is in much stronger contrast of neighboring brushstrokes, the saturation of general color scheme and use of a dark background. The searching artist, when trying any new technique, always tries to have something of his own in it, so that later on, when he goes further, this "something" has already become completely different, but even more of his own.
This panting’s storyline: parishioners in front of the porch of St. Ludwig’s church welcome the procession. The doors of the church are open, the procession has just begun and the people parted before a group of priests with banners, in a bright sunlight.

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