Houses in Murnau on Obermarkt (1908)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Houses in Murnau on Obermarkt


Oil on cardboard

13 × 16.1" (33.0 × 41.0 cm)

Madrid, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Even though the artist did not date this painting, it is obvious that it was done in 1908 together with similar works created under Fauvism influences, that Kandinsky learned well during his stay in Paris in 1906-1907. But, unlike the Fauvists, the texture here is more compact, the palette is darker, and the color is already clearly leaning towards the release from the descriptive function.

Very little has changed in this cozy Bavarian town since that time and if you find this place in Murnau (by the way, it's quite simple to do: look for one of the alleys near the Griesbr?u hotel with a view of the Obermarkt), you will have an excellent opportunity to experience the same color vibrations, that the artist experienced a hundred years ago.

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15 October 2018
Ian Briscoe: Have just seen this painting and others by the artist at the Madrid, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Lovely work.
03 January 2018
Diane Carmichael, USA: We have the Houses on the Obermarkt print hanging above our fireplace and we love it....
10 April 2014
Thomas Dislich from Switzerland: My wife and I have a print of "Houses at Murnau" (not the Obermarkt one) hanging in our bedroom since many years. We made several interesting discoveries of subliminar themes on that painting, we wonder how we could share or discuss our impressions?
Thanks very much in advance.

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