Murnau Street With Women (1908)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Murnau Street With Women


Oil on cardboard

28 × 38.2" (71.0 × 97.0 cm)

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03 September 2022
Danielle: I love this painting. I live in Murnau and wonder which street this is. Does anyone know?
13 April 2022
Billy: This painting makes my heart happy.
01 June 2021
GregoryStegman : Impossible to take your eyes away from this scene
06 October 2020
Maysie Felice-Adam: I personally think that it is the best painting that i have ever seen in my whole life
20 June 2019
aleesa bundunkin: this painting its bootiful i like it
08 July 2018
Brooke: This is the painting I chose for my master copy in Color Theory.
22 May 2017
eva: This painting is like my heart.
25 February 2017
Betty from Sydney: want to know about kandin?s?k?y
28 January 2012
V from B: This is a very interesting painting!

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