Untitled (1922)  by Wassily Kandinsky



Watercolor and Indian ink on paper

13 × 26.4" (33.0 × 67.0 cm)

This picture was painted in December 1922 in Weimar, where Kandinsky was invited as a teacher at Bauhaus. He left Russia with the “constructivist baggage” of new Russian art, anticipating interesting work in the most advanced school of design in post-war Europe. During this transitional period, the artist progressed toward geometric abstraction, with straight line, a more subdued color palette, and thoroughly thought-through composition. And although some organic shapes and landscape themes can still be seen quite distinctly in the painting (they will continue emerging in his much later work as well), this work marks an entirely different era in his creativity. His expressionist aesthetics has remained in the past, and the idea of constructivism that he absorbed from the post-revolutionary Russian environment resonated quite nicely with the newest European trends of the time.

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