White cross (1922)  by Wassily Kandinsky

White cross


Oil on canvas

Venice. Peggy Guggenheim Collection

We see the cross in the upper right corner as a part of the chess element, which is often repeated in the works of this period, on the whole characterized by use of geometric shapes. Though Kandinsky uses the cross as an abstract element, it is undoubtedly symbolic and as soon as we find the element present in the title, on the canvas, our brain immediately starts looking for other symbols. For example, two shapes reminding the turned over (or reflected in the mirror?) threes, as if offer to turn over (reflect) the whole composition, which brings about a certain feeling of weightlessness.

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09 July 2018
Ed de Vos : I saw this painting in the Peggy Guggenheim exibition in Venice, Italy
18 April 2013
janice Ng from Hong Kong: I would like to know where the actual piece is so as the details of this painting.
11 July 2010
azza from malaysia: what movement is this

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