Upward (1929)  by Wassily Kandinsky



Geometric abstraction

Oil on cardboard

Venice. Peggy Guggenheim Collection

This work is also symbolic: a whole composition consisting of geometric shapes, in accordance with its title, offers us “energetically vertical” interpretation, and the shapes reminding the letter “E” in the bottom and the upper right corner, can fairly well be an original reference to the German title of the picture (“Empor”).

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06 February 2015
Hayley from New Windsor: Upward is from the year when the stock market crashed!
17 March 2014
aksa from india: whats the thought behind this painting....
20 February 2014
Bubba from California: AMAZING.
20 February 2014
Sandy from Texas: Ehhh. It's Alright
11 January 2013
pancha firulais from ciudad d mexico california: esto se mira bello parece la cara de mi novio. una ves fui a la tienda. me compre unos huevos. sabian a mierda... no vayan a la 99 porke la comida sabe mala.
11 January 2013
g from maxicali: nice.
09 October 2012
Karim: Love this pic, absolutely epic
09 July 2012
Kent Brockman from Springfield: That person appears to be the key to something.
23 May 2012
Bob from Dylan : This reminds me of a foetus
18 March 2012
Anonymous from Earth: Can u give us a bit more information on this!!! there is hardly anything. but i like this painting...pretty cool

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