Blue Segment (1921)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Blue Segment


New York, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

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22 September 2022
alise: i can see a pinguin in a carnival on somthing
16 December 2021
Jandry Carchi: Esta obra de arte es brillante y muy inusual y por eso me gusta mirarla.
09 June 2020
critic1001: This artwork is bright and very unusual and thats why i like to look at it
03 January 2016
David from California: Has anyone attempted to interpret this painting?
14 December 2015
john ceena from london: I chose this for my hwk because the painting looks great! :)
15 January 2015
blueeeeee-ceena from leicester: i am such a diva and I love Kandinskys painting btw my name is NOT Blueeeeee-Ceena it is Blue-Ceecee
10 June 2014
kel from arch: je taime
i love this
crazy art

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