Wassily Kandinsky — Around the Circle, 1940

Around the Circle (1940)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Around the Circle


Oil on canvas

38.1 × 57.5" (96.8 × 146.0 cm)

Sold 22 June 2016 at Christie's auction in London for GBP 1,762,500

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22 May 2016
Georgena Kirby from del mar ca: I just unboxed a picture that is I guess a copy of Around the Circle "Kandinsky" it is a black lacquer. Just want to know it's worth. Dad wants to get rid of it! Any suggestions?
18 September 2014
Caitlin from Michigan: I think his Kandinskys art is unique, and moving. I had an art history assignment and didn't know who he was at first but then i looked up random artists and chose to do my assignment on Kandinsky. He was an amazing artist.

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