Odessa. Port (1898)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Odessa. Port


Oil on canvas

25.6 × 17.7" (65.0 × 45.0 cm)

Moscow, The State Tretyakov Gallery

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30 March 2022
Mike Oxmall: I love this piece of art! Just look at the quality of the shading!
28 January 2016
lenny from imalone wi: beautiful piece so much but so little ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
26 October 2015
solinda from california: Beautiful! I can feel the water gently moving while the large ship looms in the background.
14 September 2014
Carles from Catalonia, Spain: Wonderful picture, me inspira esperança, riquesa i pau. Me inspira Esperanza, Riqueza Espiritual y Paz. No parece de Kandinsky, sin embargo el color, no real, me impresiona tal como Kandinsky pretende, como la ausencia de figuras humanas también. Parece todo menos una pesadilla; quiero decir un mundo feliz: con la serenidad de unas barcas descargadas y el mar en calma a un lado, la presencia del gran barco de dos mástiles en posición central en armonía como la manifestación del Espíritu cuya luz ilumina todo. La presencia del muelle a la derecha da la necesaria estabilidad ante la gran manifestación de júbilo.
02 June 2014
Happiness from Heaven: I love BAM
14 May 2014
felix: was this his 1st painting?
18 March 2013
Estefania Rodzen from México: Simplemente Maravilloso el Arte de kandinsky
30 November 2012
Alba,Jesseca from Texas: This painting is realy good <3
02 June 2012
hannah from wales: i like it not my favourite by him.
16 May 2012
Lexie from Savannah: HE WAS BORN IN 1866.
04 August 2011
oleg from Russia: Kandinsky was born in 1866 :)
03 August 2011
Lisa Vornhagen from United States: It is impossible for this painting to have been done in 1898. Kandinsky was born in 1896!
17 December 2010
Brandon from FROM MRS LOMBARTO'S MOM!!!: lol i from a reaaaalllllyy old person! nice art
17 December 2010
Joey from FROM MARK's U KNOW WHAT!!!: woooohooo holy crap thats some nice art!
17 December 2010
Brigid from UP YOUR U KNOW WHAT: WOW..........................NICE MAN I WISH I COULD DO THAT.
12 October 2010
Taylor: I can almost imagine myself there
29 July 2010
nam from thailand: me too!

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