Three Free Circles (1923)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Three Free Circles


Watercolor and Indian ink on paper

18.1 × 16.5" (46.0 × 42.0 cm)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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09 December 2020
Bradford McCormrick: Three free circles is one of my favorites. ~ The way I got introduced to Kandinsky's art was my freshman college roommate (1964, Yale) was making his own miniature Kandinsky-esque paintings/drawings. He was a highly cultured man, 26 years old as a college freshman which was not usual then, who had grown up underfoot with persons like Albert Camus. ~ I also like cats, like Vas'ka, which I plan to name my next cat, for, alas, cats like persons, are mortal.
13 May 2019
Markiss: I like how it's pi/3 6 times which signifies a full circle or perfection. Touching work

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