Pink Red (1927)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Pink Red


Watercolor, gouache and crayon on paper

12.6 × 18.9" (32.0 × 48.0 cm)

This picture was painted by Kandinsky during one of the most fruitful periods of his life – when he was teaching in the Bauhaus. The talented teachers and students, lively sharing of ideas from various art spheres and related sectors, the very atmosphere impregnated with innovating – surely, such an environment could not but inspire the real master. Kandinsky not only painted a lot on canvases and actively taught in the Bauhaus but also worked on his book Point and Line to Plane, in which he presented his vision of the art theory and language.

“Pink Red” is fairly complex, first of all because of ambiguous perception of the third dimension. It may seem at first sight that the pink masses rest on the dark background behind them. However, if you concentrate on the dark vertical sections, it seems that they as if cut the pink and ‘tower’ above them. The additional detail is changing the shade of the dark sections. The composition of the picture develops in this complex spatial environment by interaction of various elements of smaller size.

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