Painting with Green Center (1913)  by Wassily Kandinsky

Painting with Green Center


Chicago. Art Institute of Chicago

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02 April 2018
Late W: Painting with Green Center makes me weep, just overflow with tears, and I hear this huge dissonance, like an orchestra tuning up but terribly wrong, wavering, too loud. It is such an odd reaction and so sudden that I wish I knew more about the work itself. I was arrested by the painting on my way into the gallery and I couldn’t stop looking at it, thinking about it, returning to it.
02 May 2016
winfred street from chicago: found one at a thrift store green center 1913 improvision what is the value of print.
12 February 2016
Jafe from Massachusetts : Always love Kandinsky
Whenever I get aestheticly lost I reread
Concerning the spiritual in art
And find my way back
11 February 2016
Valerie from France, near Paris: Delighted to discover Kandinski after a discussion with a friend of mine about fine arts and especially painters such as Miro, or Picasso... So many periods in Kandinsky paintings... It's amazing to discover this evolution.
16 December 2014
Irene from Chile: Me encanta Kandinsky. Me encantó encontrar su fecha aniversario en Google.

En el Museo de Londres aprecié una exposición, bella.

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